yamuna river water level

The Yamuna River, one of the major lifelines of Delhi, is facing a severe crisis as its water level has reached a critical state. The depleting water resources and the deteriorating condition of the river pose significant challenges to the city’s environment, public health, and overall well-being. This alarming situation calls for immediate attention and concerted efforts to restore and preserve the Yamuna River.

Current Situation as of the latest reports, the water level of the Yamuna River in Delhi has dropped to a critically low level. The decreasing water flow, coupled with the high demand for water supply in the city, has created an imbalance that threatens the sustainability of the river ecosystem. The reduced water levels have not only affected the river’s aquatic life but also impacted the availability of clean water for residents and farmers along its banks.

Several factors have contributed to the declining water levels in the Yamuna River. Rapid urbanization, industrialization, and population growth in Delhi have resulted in increased pollution and encroachment on the river’s catchment areas. Uncontrolled discharge of untreated industrial waste, sewage, and solid waste into the river has further deteriorated its water quality.

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