“Farzi” webseries is an intriguing web series that revolves around a young con artist, Aditya, played by a talented actor. With a captivating blend of suspense, drama, and humor, the show follows Aditya’s enthralling journey as he navigates a web of deception, disguises, and unexpected alliances. Each episode uncovers new layers of deception and thrilling plot twists, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. As Aditya’s cons become riskier, the lines between right and wrong blur, questioning morality and ethics. “Farzi” explores the complexity of human nature while offering an engaging and suspenseful narrative, making it a must-watch for thriller enthusiasts.


the night manager

“The Night Manager” is an enthralling web series based on John le Carré’s novel. It follows Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier and hotel manager, brilliantly portrayed by a talented actor. Pine is recruited by intelligence operative Angela Burr, compellingly played by another skilled performer, to infiltrate the inner circle of the charming yet sinister arms dealer Richard Roper. The series masterfully weaves a tale of espionage, deception, and moral dilemmas as Pine navigates a dangerous world of international arms trade. With stunning visuals, intense performances, and intricate plot twists, “The Night Manager” delivers an unforgettable thriller experience.


rana naidu

Rana Naidu” is a compelling Netflix web series centered around the life of the protagonist, Rana Naidu. He earns a living by resolving the troubles of his famous clients, earning him the nickname “fixer of the stars.” Despite being highly skilled at helping others lead stress-free lives, Rana struggles to maintain a healthy connection with his wife and two children, leading to irreparable damage in their relationships. Things take a dramatic turn when Rana’s estranged father, Naga Naidu, is released from prison after serving a wrongful 15-year sentence. Naga seeks to mend their broken bond and seeks vengeance, adding more complexities to the plot.



“Set just before India’s Independence and Partition, “Jubilee” follows Shrikant Roy, a film producer searching for a new actor to debut in his movie. He selects Jamshed Khan, unaware of Jamshed’s affair with Roy’s wife, Sumitra Kumari. Trying to prevent their elopement, Binod Das, Roy’s right-hand man, confronts Jamshed, leading to a tragic accident. Binod assumes Jamshed’s identity, becoming a successful actor while concealing his guilt. Meanwhile, playwright Jay Khanna rises to fame with his film, “Taxi Driver,” as rivalry intensifies between Jay and Binod. Secrets, betrayals, and love entwine, leading to a poignant climax and the closure of Roy Talkies.”


asur 2

In the neo-futuristic city of Lusaka, blackouts from load shedding worsen as a mysterious tornado strikes, adding to the chaos. During Kamiji Secondary School’s Science Fair, four students—Komana, Zee, Monde, and Temwe—step up to rescue people caught in the disaster. Mama K, a retired spy and fruit vendor, notices their skills and recruits them to be her elite super squad. She reveals the tornado is no natural occurrence, and an unknown entity controls it. Equipped with supersuits and weapons, the girls, under the guidance of Mama K and her AI assistant T.O.M.I., must protect their secret identities while unraveling the sinister forces behind the calamity.



In a rural village in Rajasthan, Sub-Inspector Anjali Bhaati (Sonakshi Sinha) investigates the mysterious disappearance of twenty-seven women. Unraveling a common thread, she suspects a serial killer is at large. Amid societal challenges, Anjali remains a resilient cop, tackling discrimination and societal norms. Two parallel cases unfold, involving a missing girl from a scheduled caste and an inter-caste love affair. Anjali deduces that the killer targets vulnerable women above 25, who eloped with their partners. The investigation leads to Anand Swarnakar, a college lecturer with a dark secret. Anjali apprehends him, questioning his motives and defying societal prejudices by embracing her true identity.


saas bahu aur flamingo

In the secluded village of Hastipur, the matriarch Savitri runs a seemingly innocent company named Rani Cooperative, which masks the biggest drug cartel in South Asia. Amidst family conflicts and power struggles, Savitri searches for her successor, putting her oblivious sons, hardworking daughters-in-law, and eccentric daughter in the running. Unbeknownst to the family, the Monk seeks revenge against Savitri, while a determined police inspector aims to expose the illegal business. As Janmashtami approaches, tensions rise, leading to unexpected betrayals, abduction attempts, and fake deaths. With twists and revelations, the story unfolds, revealing Rani Baa’s masterful plan to maintain her legacy and confront her enemies.


taaza khabar

“Vasant Gowde, a kind-hearted man, gains magical powers to know breaking news beforehand, catapulting him to fame and wealth. Initially, he uses his newfound abilities to help others, but soon, the lure of money transforms him. Vasant becomes arrogant, mistreating his once-beloved team and doubting their loyalty. When confronted about an affair, he reacts with cruelty, causing his loved ones to leave him. Overwhelmed with regret, Vasant revisits his old life, only to be notified of his own tragic death. The series ends with a powerful message that excessive wealth and fame can lead to downfall. The story leaves the audience wondering who could have killed Vasant.”


taj:divided by blood

Salim accidentally discovers Anarkali, and their love blossoms despite Akbar’s desperate attempts to hide their secret. As Salim and Anarkali grow closer, it ignites chaos and goes against his parents’ wishes. Daniyal, influenced by Badayuni, and Murad, defying his father, face their own troubles. Akbar gets Salim married, but he remains uninterested in his wives and son, only caring for Anarkali. A shocking revelation reveals Daniyal as Anarkali’s son. Salim and Anarkali plan to escape, but Daniyal’s anger leads to a tragic encounter. As Daniyal manipulates to secure the throne, Salim seeks revenge, vowing to honor Anarkali’s memory.


rocky boys 2

In the second season of “Rocket Boys,” the drama feels excessive, with character deaths lacking emotional impact. Creative liberties are applied in unnecessary places, with villains receiving over-the-top treatment. The portrayal of Indira Gandhi falls short, lacking charisma and authenticity. However, Jim Sarbh shines with his captivating performance, bringing charm and charisma to every scene. Ishwak Singh does his best with underwhelming writing. Despite its flaws, the series boasts stellar production design, beautiful music, and a commitment to quality. While not as impressive as the first season, “Rocket Boys” remains one of the best-made webseries on Indian OTT platforms.



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