Highest-Paid Players: As the United States sets its sights on a historic three-peat in Australia and New Zealand this summer, it’s not just a clash between teams but also a financial battleground. With 11 Americans ranking among the top 15 earners at the tournament, the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) continues to dominate both on the field and at the bank. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of women’s soccer compensation and how the game is transforming for players like never before.

Leading the earnings chart are USWNT veterans Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, each earning over $7 million in the last 12 months, including on-field compensation from U.S. Soccer and their National Women’s Soccer League club contracts. Off-field earnings from endorsements, appearances, and various business activities contribute significantly to their impressive earnings.

The USWNT holds a distinct advantage over its international counterparts due to a landmark collective bargaining agreement signed with U.S. Soccer in May 2022. “This groundbreaking accord established parity in remuneration between the women’s national team and their male counterparts, guaranteeing just recompense for appearance fees, performance bonuses, and commercial revenue.”. Additionally, both teams pool their World Cup prize money, giving the women’s team a substantial share of the men’s winnings from their Qatar World Cup participation. This lucrative deal has brought USWNT players significant financial stability, with most stalwarts earning approximately $800,000 on the field, depending on their national team appearances.

Brands in the United States have been more supportive of women’s soccer than in other markets, where the sport predominantly reigns supreme on the men’s side. Six American players participating in the World Cup earn at least $1 million off the field, compared to just one player from other teams: Spain’s Alexia Putellas.

However, when comparing these figures to those in men’s soccer, the numbers may appear modest. The world’s highest-paid athletes, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappé, each earn over $120 million annually, dwarfing the combined earnings of the top 15 women players in the World Cup ranking.

Despite the progress, challenges remain. The Women’s World Cup prize money has increased significantly but still lags behind the men’s fund. FIFA’s president hopes to bridge the pay gap by the 2027 women’s tournament, but players and fans continue to advocate for equal treatment and recognition.

Nonetheless, the women’s game has garnered tremendous momentum in recent years. Ticket sales and viewership numbers are on the rise, and sponsors like Visa are committing substantial investments to support women’s soccer initiatives. The NWSL has experienced substantial growth in sponsorship deals, outpacing its male counterpart, Major League Soccer.

Looking back to 1999, when the USWNT captured the World Cup and faced a drop-off in opportunities afterward, it is evident how far player compensation has come. The advent of professional women’s soccer leagues and increased opportunities for endorsements have opened doors for female athletes to pursue their passion while securing a more stable financial future.

In conclusion, the landscape of women’s soccer compensation is evolving, driven by determined athletes, supportive brands, and growing public interest. Despite existing imbalances, the strides made thus far offer hope for a future where female players will be rightfully rewarded for their talent and contributions to the beautiful game they love.




RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#1$7.1 millionAlex Morgan$0.8 million$6.3 millionU.S.Forward34
Original data based on Forbes
Highest-Paid Players

As co-captain of the USWNT during the 2023 World Cup, Morgan boasts an invaluable array of endorsements. Her endorsement portfolio includes renowned brands such as Hublot, Cola-Cola’s Bodyarmor, and Anheuser-Busch’s Michelob Ultra. An impressive highlight was her appearance in a star-studded Super Bowl commercial alongside celebrities like Serena Williams and Succession star Brian Cox. In addition to her achievements on the field and in the world of endorsements, Morgan’s influence extends to the media industry as a co-founder of Togethxr, a media company producing a captivating Netflix docuseries on America’s latest World Cup journey, slated for release in the fall. Furthermore, she has dedicated herself to philanthropic pursuits, launching a foundation in March to amplify her charitable endeavors.


Megan Rapinoe

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#2$7 millionMegan Rapinoe$0.7 million$6.3 millionU.S.Forward38
Original data based on Forbes

What a momentous year it has been for Rapinoe! In July of last year, she etched her name in history as the first soccer player and only the sixth female athlete or coach to be honored with the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom. This distinguished recognition celebrated not only her on-field achievements but also her tireless advocacy for LGBTQ rights and equal pay for women.

The following month, the OL Reign winger demonstrated her business acumen by investing in Venus Williams’ plant-based food startup, Happy Viking, securing an equity stake in the promising venture. Demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit, Rapinoe, along with her partner and WNBA legend Sue Bird, launched a production company named A Touch More in December.

As she embraced what she announced would be her final World Cup, Rapinoe emerged as a social media influencer, generating the most branded social media posts of any women’s soccer player, according to a report from SponsorUnited. Her online presence and engagement further solidify her influence both on and off the field.


Alexia Putellas

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#3$4 millionAlexia Putellas$0.8 million$3.2 millionSpainMidfielder29
Original data based on Forbes
Alexia Putellas (FC Barcelona, 11) beim Abschlusstraining

Proclaimed as the unrivaled winner of the esteemed 2021 and 2022 Ballon d’Or Féminin awards, affirming her status as the world’s finest women’s soccer player, Putellas boasts a staggering three million followers on Instagram. A recent Nielsen report crowned her as the sport’s second-most-influential player on the platform, a close second only to Switzerland’s Alisha Lehmann. Despite facing adversity after tearing her ACL in July of the previous year, the FC Barcelona midfielder showcased her resilience by returning to the pitch in April.

Putellas’ star power extends beyond her on-field brilliance. With a remarkable twelve long-term endorsement deals, she has solidified her position as a sought-after brand ambassador. To further amplify her influence, an enthralling Amazon Prime Video docuseries about her life was released in November 2022, captivating audiences worldwide.


Trinity Rodman

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#4$2.3 millionTrinity Rodman$0.8 million$1.5 millionU.S.Forward21


Undoubtedly, Trinity Rodman’s illustrious surname, being the daughter of Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, adds a captivating allure to her marketability. However, the USWNT forward has been tirelessly forging her own path, establishing herself as one of the sport’s most enthralling young talents. Earning the NWSL’s coveted Rookie of the Year Award in 2021, Rodman solidified her potential, leading to a remarkable four-year extension with the Washington Spirit worth $1.1 million—the largest deal in the league’s history.

Beyond her on-field prowess, Rodman’s star power extends to the corporate realm. She has formed enduring partnerships with a notable roster of brands, including Adidas and Unilever, among others. These long-term collaborations further exemplify her growing influence and prominence as a rising star in women’s soccer.

#5 (tie)

Crystal Dunn

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#5 (tie)$2 millionCrystal Dunn$0.7 million$1.3 millionU.S.Defender31


VersatilityKnown as the most versatile player in women’s soccer, Dunn adeptly plays as a midfielder for the Portland Thorns and frequently as a left back for the U.S. national team.
ComebackFollowing her time off in 2022 due to giving birth to a son, Dunn has made a triumphant return to peak form this year. She was chosen for the NWSL’s “team of the month” for April and May.
SponsorshipsDunn has established long-term sponsorship agreements with prominent brands such as Nike, Frito-Lay, Mastercard, and Therabody.

#5 (tie)

Julie Ertz

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#5 (tie)$2 millionJulie Ertz$0.7 million$1.3 millionU.S.Midfielder31


Family and ReturnErtz, who shares her life with Arizona Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz, embraced motherhood with the birth of their son in August. In a remarkable comeback, she rejoined the competition with Angel City FC in April. Back with the USWNT after the 2021 Olympics, she remains a pivotal defensive force in the midfield.
SponsorshipsErtz’s influence transcends the field, as evidenced by her partnerships with eight prominent brands, including Subway, LaCroix, and Spotify, among others.

#5 (tie)

Sophia Smith

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#5 (tie)$2 millionSophia Smith$0.8 million$1.2 millionU.S.Forward22


Sporting TriumphsSmith celebrated a remarkable achievement in 2022 when she secured the NWSL championship alongside the Portland Thorns, a feat that earned her the coveted title of the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP). Building on her success, she has continued to shine in 2023, scoring ten goals in just 13 league appearances, showcasing her prowess on the field.
Growing InfluenceBeyond her on-field achievements, Smith has also emerged as an influential figure off the field. Embracing her role as a brand ambassador, she has partnered with esteemed brands such as Ally Financial and BioSteel. Her growing impact is evident on social media, where her Instagram following has soared to 161,000, more than doubling over the past year, as revealed by the latest SponsorUnited report.
World Cup CelebrationAs she forges ahead in her career, Smith’s birthday falls on a momentous day during the World Cup’s Round of 16, on August 10, where she will mark her 23rd year of life, potentially adding yet another milestone to her already impressive journey.


Lindsey Horan

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#8$1.5 millionLindsey Horan$0.9 million$0.6 millionU.S.Midfielder29


World Cup RepresentationDetails
Unique Club Soccer ChoiceAmong the 23 exceptional athletes comprising America’s World Cup team, Horan stands out as the sole player competing in club soccer beyond the NWSL. Her 2022 season saw her embark on a loan spell to France’s Olympique Lyonnais Féminin, culminating in a permanent contract with the esteemed team this summer.
Flourishing EndorsementsBeyond her on-field accomplishments, Horan’s star power extends to the corporate realm. As a brand ambassador, she represents eight prominent brands, including Cheribundi cherry juice and Microsoft’s Xbox, among others.


Rose Lavelle

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#9$1.4 millionRose Lavelle$0.8 million$0.6 millionU.S.Midfielder28

Rose Lavelle


Health ChallengesDetails
Resilience Amidst InjuriesWhile Lavelle has faced challenges due to injuries in recent years, including a knee injury this spring that briefly cast doubts on her World Cup participation, her undeniable talent shines through whenever she’s in good health.
Brand EndorsementsBeyond her on-field prowess, Lavelle’s popularity extends to the endorsement realm. She is an ambassador for prominent brands such as Nike, Icy Hot, and Chipotle, aligning her name with their reputable products and further cementing her influence both on and off the field.


Sofia Huerta

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#10$1.3 millionSofia Huerta$0.8 million$0.5 millionU.S.Defender30


Playing Position and BrandsDetails
Defensive Excellence with Brand EndorsementsDespite being a right back for OL Reign, Huerta impressively secures a spot on the earnings ranking. Brands typically lean towards partnering with attacking players, often perceived as more likely to produce highlight plays. However, Huerta’s talent and defensive prowess have not gone unnoticed, placing her among the top earners. Out of the players in the earnings ranking, only four others excel in defensive roles: midfielder Julie Ertz, defenders Crystal Dunn and Kelley O’Hara, and goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher—while Dunn, in club competition, functions as an attacking midfielder.
International Journey and Diverse Brand PartnershipsHuerta’s soccer journey took her from representing Mexico in international competition to donning the colors of the U.S. national team starting in 2017. Her international background has attracted partnerships with brands catering to both her heritage and current affiliation. With sponsorships from Mexican-American brands De La Viuda Hot Sauce and Siete Foods, she expands her reach, boasting an impressive total of five other sponsorships.


Ada Hegerberg

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#11 (tie)$1.2 millionAda Hegerberg$0.6 million$0.6 millionNorwayForward28


Achievements and ChallengesDetails
Historic Ballon d’Or WinIn 2018, Hegerberg etched her name in history as the first-ever recipient of the Ballon d’Or Féminin, a prestigious award celebrating her exceptional talent.
Triumph over AdversityIn January 2020, a devastating torn ACL resulted in a lengthy 21-month sidelining of the Olympique Lyonnais Féminin striker. Despite this setback, Hegerberg demonstrated incredible resilience and determination in her journey back to the field.
Advocate for Fair CompensationFor a period of five years, Hegerberg stood resolute in her decision to step away from Norway’s national team in protest of the country’s players’ compensation. Her principled stance highlighted her commitment to advocating for equitable treatment of athletes.
Triumphant ReturnAfter making her return to international competition last year, Hegerberg has been flourishing both on and off the field. Her exceptional talent and contributions have been recognized by renowned brands, with Nike, Hublot, and Danone among her esteemed partners, underscoring her influence and impact as a prominent figure in women’s soccer.


Chloe Kelly

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#11 (tie)$1.2 millionChloe Kelly$0.4 million$0.8 millionEnglandForward25

Chloe Kelly


Notable AchievementsDetails
Euro Glory and Career MilestonesLast year, Kelly ascended to new heights of fame when she displayed her prowess on the field during the UEFA Women’s Euro final. As an injury replacement, she made an indelible mark by scoring the game-winning goal, securing the English women’s first major trophy—an extraordinary achievement that solidified her place among the sport’s elite.
Collaborating with Calvin KleinBeyond her exceptional soccer talent, Kelly’s star power transcends the field as she ventures into the world of fashion. Her presence in a new Calvin Klein campaign, alongside fellow soccer icon Alex Morgan, cements her status as a renowned figure in both sports and fashion, showcasing her versatility and appeal to a broader audience.


Sam Kerr

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#11 (tie)$1.2 millionSam Kerr$0.6 million$0.6 millionAustraliaForward29


Injury and Inspirational ImpactDetails
Battling a Calf InjuryDespite suffering a calf injury just before the commencement of the tournament, Kerr’s determination remains unwavering as she overcomes the setback to contribute to Australia’s home World Cup campaign. Although her presence may be missed in at least two matches, her influence has already been felt, inspiring the Matildas to a triumphant start with a victory over Ireland in their opener on July 20.
LEGO Campaign and Iconic RepresentationBeyond her on-field exploits, Kerr’s significance extends to pop culture, as she was immortalized in a soccer-themed LEGO set and ad campaign launched in May. This iconic representation of Kerr, alongside the likes of Megan Rapinoe, further cements her status as a celebrated figure in the sport, resonating with audiences of all ages and illustrating her enduring impact on and off the field.


Kelley O’Hara

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#11 (tie)$1.2 millionKelley O’Hara$0.7 million$0.5 millionU.S.Defender34


Resilience and World Cup CallDetails
Overcoming Injuries and Milestone BirthdayO’Hara, like some of her fellow USWNT teammates, has faced her share of challenges in recent years, including injuries. As she turns 35 on August 4, her resilience and dedication to the sport remain undeterred, earning her admiration from Coach Vlatko Andonovski. In an emotional moment, Andonovski called O’Hara to inform her of her selection for the World Cup roster, praising her unparalleled mentality, especially in high-stakes tournaments.
New Club and Fourth World Cup AppearanceEarlier this year, O’Hara made a significant move, departing the Washington Spirit to join Gotham FC in January. Now, she is poised to participate in her fourth World Cup, an extraordinary achievement that she shares with esteemed teammates Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe. As the trio prepares to compete on the world’s biggest stage, O’Hara’s experience and tenacity will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the USWNT’s pursuit of further glory.


Alyssa Naeher

RankEarningsPlayer NameOn-Field EarningsOff-Field EarningsNationalityPositionAge
#15$1.1 millionAlyssa Naeher$0.8 million$0.3 millionU.S.Goalkeeper35


Goalkeeper in the SpotlightDetails
Shining on the World Cup StageIn women’s soccer, goalkeepers often receive less attention from marketers compared to other players. However, Alyssa Naeher is poised to break that norm as she takes center stage this summer in her second World Cup as the U.S. team’s starting goalkeeper. With numerous TV appearances expected, Naeher’s exceptional performance between the posts is set to capture the spotlight and draw considerable attention from audiences worldwide.
Diverse Brand PartnershipsBeyond her on-field achievements, Naeher’s influence transcends the pitch as she collaborates with prominent brands. Partnering with esteemed names such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Synchrony Bank, and Upper Deck, Naeher’s sponsorship portfolio showcases her appeal to a broad range of industries, solidifying her status as a notable figure both in soccer and the marketing world.


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