Disturbing Incident: In a shocking incident that bears eerie similarities to the situation in Manipur, West Bengal’s Malda district witnessed a horrific attack on two tribal women. Allegedly, a mob assaulted the women, stripping them naked, and brutally beating them. The incident came to light when Amit Malviya, BJP IT Cell Chief, shared a distressing video on social media, showcasing the women’s merciless treatment. The incident has raised concerns about women’s safety and sparked a heated political debate.

The Incident Unfolds:

According to police reports, the incident occurred when the women were selling their goods at Baman Gola Bazaar in Malda. Suspicions of theft led to a brutal confrontation with the mob. The appalling part is that despite the police being present at the scene, they remained passive spectators. The incident took place on July 19 and involved women from marginalized communities, pursued by a bloodthirsty mob.

[Disturbing Incident] Political Accusations:

Disturbing Incident

Amidst the outcry, Amit Malviya accused the ruling party, TMC, of not taking immediate action and using the incident for political gain. While the State Minister for Women and Child Health, Shashi Panja, asserted that efforts are underway to identify the culprits, the BJP turned the incident into a baseless political issue. This incident comes in the wake of claims made by BJP State President, Sukanta Majumdar, regarding Manipur-like situations developing in West Bengal.

Seeking Justice and Safety:

The incident has sparked outrage among citizens, questioning the state’s commitment to women’s safety. Despite having a female Chief Minister, Locket Chatterjee, a BJP MP, expressed her disappointment at Mamata Banerjee’s silence on the matter. The incident has led to demands for swift action and justice for the victims.

Disputing Claims:

While BJP leaders claim a pattern of violence against women in the state, West Bengal’s Director-General of Police, Manoj Malviya, stated that there is no evidence to support such allegations. The incident has added fuel to the political fire, raising concerns about the objectivity of the claims being made.


The disturbing incident in West Bengal, where tribal women were subjected to mob brutality, is a grave reminder of the urgent need to prioritize women’s safety and dignity. It calls for an impartial investigation and swift action against the culprits, regardless of political affiliations. As the nation demands justice for the victims, it also emphasizes the importance of factual reporting and objective analysis to address such critical issues responsibly. Let us stand united in seeking a safer and more compassionate society for all.

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