• In a recent announcement, General Motors (GM) has issued a recall for nearly 900 vehicles globally due to potential risks associated with Takata-made airbag inflators.
  • The company fears that these inflators might explode during deployment, posing a significant danger to drivers and passengers who could be hit by sharp metal fragments.

The vehicles affected by this recall include 767 2013 models of popular GM brands such as Chevrolet Camaro, Sonic, and Volt, along with the Buick Verano in the United States. Additionally, 101 vehicles in Canada (including the Chevrolet TRAX) and 46 in other countries are also part of the recall.

General Motors

The decision to initiate this recall comes after a disturbing incident in Brazil, where the driver airbag inflator of a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ruptured upon deployment. This event was reported in documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


To address the safety concerns, GM dealers will be providing free replacements for the driver-side airbag module, as stated by NHTSA.

It is essential to note that this recall adds to the already massive recall efforts for vehicles equipped with Takata airbags. Takata, a now-bankrupt Japanese manufacturer, has faced extensive scrutiny due to its airbag inflators’ tendency to explode when exposed to prolonged high heat and humidity.


Tragically, Takata airbags have been linked to at least 26 deaths in the United States, and over 400 occupants have suffered injuries, ranging from severe to life-altering. This has led to the largest automotive recall in history.

In response to the issue, GM had already spent a substantial amount, $1.2 billion, in 2020, replacing Takata airbags in approximately 7 million vehicles.

However, prior to 2020, GM contested the necessity of a recall for four years. The company argued that its tests indicated that the airbags in the additional vehicles being recalled had a different type of inflator and did not pose a threat. This assertion came after GM had already recalled 800,000 cars.


GM’s latest recall underscores the seriousness of the Takata airbag inflator issue, affecting vehicles worldwide. With safety being a paramount concern, GM is taking proactive measures to ensure the well-being of its customers and address potential hazards promptly. Vehicle owners are urged to act upon the recall immediately to have the driver-side airbag module replaced free of charge, mitigating any risks associated with these faulty inflators.

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