In a remarkable story that affirms the notion that love transcends borders, a young Pakistani mother of four, Seema  Haider, and an Indian man, Sachin Meena, fell in love while passionately playing the popular game PUBG. After meeting through a virtual gaming platform several years ago, they decided to live together in India. However, their decision came at a heavy price.

Seema Haider age 27, and her four children illegally traveled to India in May, settling in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, to be with Sachin, 22. Unfortunately, they were detained by authorities and have been in custody for 14 days. Seema Haider’s children are currently under her care.

Both Seema and Sachin expressed their intention to marry and build a life together, but the authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into their situation. Seema, previously married to Ghulam Haider from Pakistan, accused her ex-husband of abuse. Nevertheless, Ghulam Haider vehemently refutes the accusations made against him and asserts that it was Seema who orchestrated the sale of their family home in Pakistan and absconded with their children.

The couple initially met in Nepal in March and later returned to their respective countries. Seema sold her husband’s house to finance the journey back to Nepal, where she and her children reunited with Sachin. Sachin, a grocery shop owner, had made arrangements for Seema Haider and her children to stay in a rented room.

The authorities were alerted when Seema Haider and Sachin Meena sought legal advice for Seema’s residency in India. A lawyer discovered that Seema Haider and her children possessed Pakistani passports, leading to their current situation.

As a consequence, Sachin’s father faced legal repercussions and was apprehended for providing accommodation to Seema Haider despite her lack of a valid visa, further complicating their situation. While the couple seeks assistance from the Indian government to marry, Haider demands his wife and children’s return to Pakistan, claiming that she was “seduced” by the game PUBG.

This story highlights the boundless nature of love but also underscores the potential consequences of crossing legal boundaries. It serves as a reminder to approach such situations with caution and respect for the laws of the respective countries involved.


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