“Forbes” is an American business magazine that is widely recognized for its coverage of finance, economics, investing, entrepreneurship, and other business-related topics. Founded in 1917 by B.C. Forbes and Walter Drey, the magazine has grown to become one of the most influential and respected sources of business news and analysis worldwide.

Key Points to Know About Forbes:

  1. Rich Lists: One of the most well-known features of Forbes is its annual lists of the world’s wealthiest individuals and companies. The “Forbes Billionaires List” ranks the richest people globally, while “Forbes Global 2000″ ranks the largest public companies based on various financial metrics.
  2. Forbes 400: The “Forbes 400” is an annual list of the wealthiest Americans. It features the 400 richest individuals in the United States, providing insights into their net worth, businesses, and investments.
  3. Business News and Analysis: Forbes covers a wide range of business-related topics, including market trends, industry analysis, company profiles, and economic news. It provides in-depth reporting and expert opinions on various aspects of the business world.
  4. Forbes Under 30: Forbes also features an annual list called “Forbes Under 30,” which showcases young entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers under the age of 30 who are making a significant impact in their respective fields.
  5. Online Presence: In addition to its print magazine, Forbes has a strong online presence with its website, Forbes.com. The website publishes articles, videos, and other multimedia content, reaching a vast global audience.
  6. Forbes Contributors: Forbes features a network of contributors who are experts and thought leaders in various industries. These contributors provide unique insights and analysis on topics ranging from technology and finance to entrepreneurship and leadership.
  7. Forbes Councils: Forbes also runs exclusive invitation-only councils that bring together executives and thought leaders from diverse industries. These councils provide members with opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing.
  8. Philanthropy: Forbes is also known for its coverage of philanthropy and charitable activities of the world’s wealthiest individuals and organizations.
  9. Forbes Brand Extensions: Beyond the magazine and website, Forbes has expanded its brand to include conferences, podcasts, books, and branded content.
  10. Global Reach: Forbes is published in multiple editions worldwide, making it a globally recognized and influential source of business news and insights.

Overall, Forbes has established itself as a premier business media brand, providing valuable information and analysis to entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and anyone interested in the world of business and finance. Its authoritative lists and coverage have made it a go-to resource for understanding the economic and financial landscape on both a national and global scale.


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